We are looking forward to meeting with you on Sundays from 6:00-6:45pm to give you an overview of our school, curriculum, teaching staff and campus activities as well as give you a chance to ask questions about our educational community.


Hawally Boys Campus

KG Principal Fran Munro: fran.munro@aca.edu.kw

Elementary Principal Dr. Kenneth Hulslander: kenneth.h@aca.edu.kw

Middle / High School Principal Dr. Lori Carpenter: lori.carpenter@aca.edu.kw


Hawally Girls Campus

Elementary Principal Norma Sciarra: norma.sciarra@aca.edu.kw

Middle / High School Principal Kadra Jama: kadra.jama@aca.edu.kw


Salmiya Campus

KG Principal Dr. Mary Pearce: mary.pearce@aca.edu.kw

Elementary Girls Principal Dr. Mary Pearce: mary.pearce@aca.edu.kw

Elementary Boys Principal Demetra Garasoulas: demetra.g@aca.edu.kw

Middle / High School Girls Principal Farhan Hashmi: farhan.h@aca.edu.kw

Middle / High School Boys Principal Farhan Hashmi: farhan.h@aca.edu.kw