The American Creativity Academy at the middle school level welcomes you!   Our school mission is dedicated to preparing students for university success. We deliver an American-based curriculum within an environment in which Islamic values are respected and practiced. We are committed to providing an environment that values diversity, fosters respect and understanding, and offers a safe and supportive environment for teaching and learning. Our academic and behavioral standards are high in order to accomplish all that is expected of us in the school community.

Curriculum evaluation is an ongoing process, where teachers continually assess student data to improve instruction. Students in grades 6 to 9 are administered the MAP test to assess student learning and growth.

Our students are also avid athletes, involved in soccer, volleyball, and basketball. Our dedicated staff support and encourage our students daily. We are fortunate to have such a splendid staff of professional educators.

We anticipate a positive working relationship with each parent and each student as we prepare your student for the university and beyond. Parents, students, staff and the community are involved in the monitoring of the mission statement regularly during parent conferences, Open House, emails, formal and informal conversations and our online Parent Portal. Contact the school via email or Teacher Portal if you need assistance

The middle school years are crucial in providing the foundation for high school, university success and for lifelong learning. Academic, social, and emotional growth is at the forefront of our efforts and energy in providing our students with the best possible experience and preparation for what lies ahead.

We understand, too, that this is a time for “children” to be “children” and at the same time, to gradually step into the role of young adults who must learn to grow from their mistakes, make good decisions, and accept responsibility for both. In order to make this transition as smooth as possible, the home and school need to work together to maximize success. Counselors and Child Study Teams work continuously and are available to meet with parents whenever scheduled.

Although academics are our first priority, we understand the need to develop the whole child, and for this, we offer a range of social activities in and outside of the classroom:

  • Athletics
  • Intramural activities
  • After-school clubs
  • Science Fair
  • Study halls
  • Quran competitions
  • Academic games
  • Student Council
  • Group projects, curriculum-based
  • Field trips
  • Annual international grade 8 field trip to Istanbul, Turkey
  • MUN
  • Guided Study
  • Extended Learning Time