High School

We look forward to the journey ahead of us each year and to paving the way for middle school students to reach their highest potential during their high school years.

We are pleased and honored to welcome you to the American Creativity Academy high school. Our high school program is set up using an American curriculum model in math, English, science, and social studies, while also incorporating the Islamic studies and Arabic language for all four years of high school.

High school years are considered by many to be the best four years of their lives! It is our job to ensure that we provide our students with the academic skills to prepare them for college and beyond. It is our students’ job to take advantage of these skills so that their lives are successful and fulfilling.

The level of academic rigor for college success is reflected in our curriculum which features the International Baccalaureate program offered in grades 11 and 12. Students can graduate from ACA with an IB diploma with the standards set forth by the Council of International Schools (CIS) and Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA).

Grade 9 is the foundation year. This is the year to begin building credits and the grade point average (GPA) is carefully monitored. There is a core of courses in math, English, science and social studies are required each year, along with Arabic, Islam, and Quran. Honors classes are offered in all four core areas for those who qualify and want a challenge. Elective courses are offered in physical education, art, and computer technology.

Grade 10 continues to build the skills necessary to prepare students for college. Standard curriculum courses are offered in the core subjects. Honors courses are offered in English, math, science and social studies for those who qualify. Honors courses help prepare students for the rigors of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program offered in Grades 11 and 12. Students are also able to select various electives including foreign languages, business, environmental studies, photography/art, or computer technology. Grades 10 are administered the PSAT for college readiness.

Grade 11 offers three possible courses of study: standard courses, the IB Diploma Program, and standard courses with selected IB courses (math, science, art, English, history, foreign language, and Arabic) for certificate. Teachers, counselors, the IB coordinator and assistant IB coordinator can help students choose the best path. This is the year to think seriously about university choices and life beyond high school. Students write the PSAT, SAT, go to college fairs, and take courses with college/life vocation in mind.

Grade 12 arrives more quickly than you can believe! It is a busy year getting all the high school courses finished, filling out college applications, getting college letters completed, bettering the GPA, and preparing for graduation. Students enjoy the privileges and responsibilities of being a senior— being a role model for underclassmen/women. As students leave their lifelong friends and ACA, they have many memories that last a lifetime.

Beyond academic courses, we encourage all students to get involved! Sports teams, after-school clubs, student council, or involvement in other ACA and community activities can help students grow spiritually, socially, and physically. It is important for all students to become increasingly aware of their contributions to life outside of school, the local community, and the global arena. We are proud to witness our students’ commitment to being world citizens, their awareness of sustainability (political, environmental, economic, social) and internationalism. Together we can achieve greatness!