We are looking forward to beginning a new year of learning with our wonderful students. Both of us view learning as a life-long endeavor with the elementary years serving as one of the most critical foundations to inspire students along that journey. We are proud to adhere to our school’s mission, “To deliver a standards based American curriculum within an environment in which Islamic values are respected and practiced.”

At ACA we provide the most qualified and highly motivated teachers to provide the best education possible to our students. We take this responsibility very seriously as we guiding and mentoring our newest teachers with the necessary skills and trainings needed for your child to succeed.

The link between school and home is a critical component to a child’s success at school. Therefore, our schools offer a variety of means to communicate effectively:  Plus Portals, classroom newsletters, communication books, email, phone, etc. We have an open door policy and welcome you to visit with us on either campus at any time to share any thoughts or concerns.

Both campuses recognize and honor positive student behavior in a variety of ways as well as individual classroom recognition programs. Assemblies and school wide programs are in place to celebrate both positive student behavior and academic success. The students will also be encouraged to be active and inquisitive lifelong learners as our staff models and provides them with the enthusiasm and motivation necessary to become educated citizens ready to meet the future challenges of Kuwait and the global community. Emphasizing respect for one’s self, others and our school property will permeate the daily lives of the children and adults on campus.

We offer a wide variety of extra-curricular opportunities: after school clubs, international week, reading week, sports day, and more. Please make sure to check our calendar to stay informed about our events throughout the year.

We feel very honored and privileged in having the opportunity to serve the ACA school community as the Principals for the Elementary Girls’ and Elementary Boys’ campuses. We anticipate a year filled with many new friendships and wonderful learning opportunities for our students and for us! It truly is a pleasure to work with your child and we pledge to perform our duties in the professional manner that ACA has come to expect.